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Safety Rules

Let's ride safely together with these important reminders:

1. Life Jacket:

Wear a life jacket at all times while on the Jet Ski.

2. Pre-Instructions:

Receive detailed instructions before operating the Jet Ski.

3. Speed Limits:

Respect the established speed limits to ensure safety.

4. Designated Area:

Stay within designated areas for the activity.

5. No Alcohol or Drugs:

Prohibited to consume alcohol or drugs before or during the activity.

6. Safe Distance:

Maintain a safe distance from other users and vessels.

7.  Constant Monitoring:

Keep constant monitoring of your surroundings to avoid collisions.

8.  Minimum Age:

A minimum age of 18 years is required to operate the Jet Ski. Must present valid ID. 

Passengers must me 12 years or older to ride as a on the passenger seat.

9. Weight Limit:

Passengers riding the jetski should not exceed a combined weight of 350 lbs

per jetski.

10.  Emergencies:

Know emergency procedures and how to request assistance.

Remember to follow these rules for a safe experience at the Jet Ski Rental Place. Enjoy your water adventure!

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